Look Who ♥'s CastCoverz!: Celebrity Testimonials

We love our customerz and our fanz! young and old, male and female. Every single one of you have helped us grow our business. Some of you went the extra mile and notified us when a celebrity was in need of CastCoverz! products. Just another reason to love you guyz! So we thought we'd assemble a page of some of the celebrities that shared their CastCoverz! love...

Lori Greiner

(Inventor, Entrepreneur)

Lori Greiner (Shark Tank judge and QVC mogul) is wearing her Lots of Dots custom Legz! cast cover, as Lori unfortunately had to have foot surgery.  Working with her husband Dan, Lori was shipped Midnight Black and Candy Apple Red crutches, 3 sets of CrutchWear (Rarin' to Go Red, Vegas Black and Wild Thing), 2 custom Legz! and companion products, CastCooler and CastShield.


We are beyond thrilled she LOVES her CastCoverz! products and can't wait to see more photos with her other designs and her designer colored crutches.


Thank you Lori, for tweeting about us and thank you, Mary Cattapan, for posting on FB about Lori's surgery.

Kelly Ripa

(Television personality, Mom)

Kelly Ripa, of Live with Kelly and Michael morning television fame, loves CastCoverz!


She received a Slingz!, custom Armz! and a CastShield for her son.  She loves it so much, she even made a quick video about it!  Waterproof product for the shower/bath, CastShield, was a hit!  Personally, we love the clapping in the background!


Thank you, Kristine Champion (a Kelly Ripa, look-alike), for alerting us to Joaquin's pending surgery.

Dolvett Quince

(Personal trainer)

"One Rep at a Time" trainer on NBC's "The Biggest Loser", Dolvett Quince, purchased a pair of Midnight Black (TALL of course!) crutches, Vegas CrutchWear, Bootz! (our first version), and a Member of the Broken Bones Club T-shirt after breaking his leg jumping on a trampoline.  Dolvett tweeted his love to his (then 60,000) followers.  He also asked for solid red CrutchWear, which inspired us to create Rarin' to Go Red!


Thank you, Lisa Wilson, for calling us about Dolvett's needs.

Melissa Cabral

(Television host of "Good Day, Sacramento")

Melissa, on assignment at a skating rink, fell and broke her arm. Melissa called us because a CastCoverz! customer told her about her great experience with us and our products. We sent Melissa an array of covers and companion products and she loved everything so much she created an entire segment on the talk show, "Good Day, Sacramento". Melissa put out a "casting" call for injured viewers, which allowed us to "outfit" the injured group. My daughter and her friends joined us as models, too. The 4 1/2 minute video is condensed from a 2 hour show and is a hoot! (Only the first 15 seconds has poor audio).

Peggy Tanous

(Model, Television personality, Mom)

London, the 3 year old daughter of Peggy Tanous, star of Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC), broke her arm. We rushed a CastCoverz! care package to them.  The care package included Armz!, Slingz!, Sleeperz!, CastCooler, CastShield, DryPro, and a Broken Bones Club T-shirt.


Peggy wrote on her Facebook page, "Thank you for your kindness and support. The cast sleeves made it all OK for London!! You have GREAT products!!!"


Thank you, Paige Smith of PureBelly, for posting on FB about Peggy Tanous's daughter, London.

Tamara Monosoff

(Entrepreneur, Founder of MomInvented, Mom)

Entrepreneur and CEO of MomInvented writes, "My 8 year old daughter Kiara got her full leg cast completely soaked on the inside with water from the pool.  I called CCZ! and their friendly staff (real people answer the phone!) suggested I immediately use the CastCooler that I ordered.  I never truly believed that it could fix this disastrous problem of a wet, smelly, soggy cast.  But, I hooked it up to our vacuum cleaner, handed Kiara a book to read and two hours later the cast was completely dry inside.  It was miraculous!  The rest of the summer was saved with a DryPro (waterproof product for the pool and the beach) and Kiara's Sleeperz! made her much more comfortable allowing her to sleep through the night.  Fun company, great products, terrific service."


Thanks, Tamara, for the wonderful testimonial. We're so happy that Kiara had a wonderful summer, even in a cast!!