CastCoverz! Reviews

CastCoverz! branded products save your furniture, upholstery and clothing, and keep your cast clean and fashionable (or discreet). Below are some of the pictures CCZ! fanz have sent us in appreciation of their CastCoverz! products. For more reviews, please check "Customer Reviews" under each product. Want to send your appreciation? Please send us an email at and include a family-friendly photo with your CastCoverz! product. Thank you!

"Well the wedding has come and gone but the wonderful memories live on! We had a fantastic day and everything went off as planned. I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate your kindness, caring, and concern. Having broken my arm a few short weeks before the big day was certainly not in the plan and I was not happy, at all, at the thought of having an ugly cast on my arm! On such short notice and, going only on a picture of my dress that we were able to come up with online, you went to work and produced the perfect solution for my cast! The simplicity of the lace and the light beading were the perfect complement to my dress. There were even a few guests that were completely unaware of the fact that I had a cast on my arm!

Weddings are stressful enough! When you add a broken bone to the mix it is nice to know that there is a beautiful solution.

I will never miss an opportunity to send business your way. What a great company you have and, best of all, what loving, caring people you all are! Oh, and the Starry Night was perfect for the honeymoon!

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!" - Jana

Annette's (founder and owner) comments: "What Jana doesn't tell you is she broke her other arm just a couple of months earlier! It's stories and testimonies like Jana's that melt our heart and confirm we're in business for "good" and that my sweet daughter's 7 broken bones did not happen in vain!

London, the 3 year old daughter of Peggy Tanous, star of Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC), broke her arm.

We rushed a CastCoverz! care package to them. The care package included Armz!, Slingz!, Sleeperz! for Arms, CastCooler, CastShield, DryPro for Arms, and a Broken Bones Club t-shirt.

Peggy wrote on her Facebook page, "Thank you for your kindness and support. The cast sleeves made it all OK for London!! You have GREAT products!!!"

Anna B. of Canada is a beautiful bride and a CastCoverz! customer. No, that is not a glove, it's a custom cover to blend with her dress. Anna said, "Most people did not notice my cast because it blended so nicely with my dress! And, it kept my cast clean!" We also made her a matching nude/natural cover for her honeymoon, too. Thank you for sharing your photo, Anna!

"My 4 year old daughter, Nevaeh, broke her arm when she fell off the back of the couch. I was just browsing online to see if anyone made and sold cast covers and yours looked the best! Her eyes lit up when her "Happy Hearts" CastCoverz! arrived in the mail! Who would have thought something so simple could make someone so happy! Thank you for making the next 6 weeks a little more pleasant! Nevaeh told me, "no more climbing on the back of the couch; I don't want another broken arm!" I'll be sure to let anyone who i know that ever breaks a bone to tell them about you guys! Thank you!" - Heather M., Glassport, PA

This little guy from San Diego (pictured left), CA LOVES his Flames on Black CastCoverz! His dad accidentally stepped on him and broke his leg. (I know, it made us wince, too!)

His parents didn't know about our Custom Coverz! for Itty Bittys, but they adapted a Small, Short Arm CastCoverz! with a thick athletic sock under the CastCoverz!. That suited our youngest Covered Customerz! just fine. "He never took it off", reported his parents.

"Our daughter, Mackie, didn't want her cast to detract from her prom dress. And it worked...all you see is the happiness in the picture of her boyfriend carrying her into the prom. CastCoverz! Legz! in black was perfect and your staff really came through ina pinch! We received it the next day, just in time for the prom! Thank you for having a great (discreet) product and fast, cheerful service!" - DP of Hutchinson, KS.

Thank you for working a few miracles so that I could have a stylish right hand at the Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson concert tonight. I think MJ would have loved my gloved hand." - Lisa L., Dallas.

Update: "The cast comes off tomorrow although I have enjoyed my Lots of Dots. It's quite a conversation starter. I think I go to a splint. Hoping the CastCoverz! has decoration for that, too. Go ahead all your hand with your left hand only. Makes you humble." - Lisa L, Dallas

"I don't go anywhere without my CastCoverz! In fact, I went on a cruise to Alaska and wore either my Camo or Flames CastCoverz! It was a great conversation starter. My bags were lost on the way home and all I cared about was losing my Camo CastCoverz! (my bags were eventually located). I had a serious work-related accident (hip and wrist surgeries and screws/pins) and had casts, hospital beds, walkers, the works! I now wear an orthotic brace for my wrist and still wear my CastCoverz! They cover the brace and eliminate scratching or catching. It's easier to pull on clothes and jackets over CastCoverz!, too! I'm ordering Custom CastCoverz! next!" ~ Dwight G. Hollister, CA

Brianna from California with her Rainbow Swirl CastCoverz! Brianna broke her arm playing soccer. Her comments: "Absolutely awesome!!

"My mom broke her arm just days before my wedding. The custom "Slingz" is perfect! We can't thank you enough for all your help. You have truly saved this wedding." - Patti, New York

"Thank you so much for the CastCoverz! Legz! I received today. I am delighted! If you want me to send any leaflets to put in the fracture clinic, I am sure you would get lots of inquiries. Having had my ankle pinned and plated, you have given me a little hope that I don't have to go cold or look silly whilst in a cast. Brilliant product! Thank you!" - C. Lobb, United Kingdom

"With much pleasure, I wore CastCoverz! on different occasions preceding Christmas and received compliments. To my surprise, more than once, people to whom I was talking didn't realize that I had a cast because it was so attractively covered." - Gratefully yours, Jan E.

"I absolutely love the cast cover! I have been getting a lot of compliments and questions about where I got the cast cover (in Pink Grunge) from. The cast cover really lifted my spirits! I was able to enjoy my weekend in Galveston without worrying about my big, ugly cast being on display. Thank you very much for your product." - Satisfied Adult Customer, Genia L, Breaux Bridge, LA