Comfort Products

CastCoverz! carries an extensive selection of waterproof and comfort products for those in casts, braces, boots, and more. 

If you have a cast, bandaging, or a splint, our waterproof options let you throw away that bread loaf/garbage bag and take a real shower or bath!  Our latex-free option, AquaShieldUSA, is available in Arm or Leg options and conveniently folds flat making it a great option when traveling.  DRYPRO, available in Arm or Leg options is our durable industry standard waterproof product.  DRYPRO lets you enjoy swimming at the pool, beach, or lake without the fear of getting your cast wet.  Both restore your dignity while bathing! YAY for a real shower!  NOT for use with external fixators, some braces, or orthopedic boots.  PROPER SIZING is critical for the product to seal effectively.  If you have any questions please contact us 1(800)CASTCOVER 1(800)227-8268.  Real people answer the the United States!! M-F 9:00 - 3:00 PST.  In the meantime, our helpful videos on the product pages may answer your questions!

The CastCooler provides amazing itch and odor relief for casts by drying out the bacteria-creating moisture that is a natural by-product from wearing a cast.  Fits most casts, including hip spica casts!  You'll need a vacuum cleaner with a hose.  

EVENup™ Shoe Balancers allow those wearing an orthotic walking boot or wound healing shoe to maintain an even gait, reducing back and hip pain.

CastCoverz! not only makes wearing a cast, brace, or boot fashionable, but comfortable, too!