CastCooler® Itchy Cast Reliever

The CastCooler® keeps your cast fresh and reduces itch by removing moisture from the lining under your cast using an everyday vacuum cleaner! Buy a CastCooler and any other item and receive FREE and FAST PRIORITY SHIPPING!

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Product Details and Sizing

CastCooler® is a breakthrough in cast care! Designed to concentrate cooling and drying effectiveness on moist areas under your cast.

CastCooler® will:

  • Cool your cast
  • Reduce odor and itch
  • Freshen your cast
  • Speed dry your cast

Perfect for arm, leg, heel, wrist, knee or elbow casts. Fits SPICA casts, too! Works on breathable fiberglass casts, braces and splints. Sorry, but it doesn't work well on plaster casts.

Made in the USA

ONE SIZE FITS ALL, Child to Adult.

Please note: the CastCooler is a health product and can't be returned unless defective.

What does the CastCooler® do?

The CastCooler® keeps your cast fresh and reduces itch by removing moisture from the lining under your cast. Simply wrap the CastCooler® around your cast daily, and connect a standard household vacuum. After 10 minutes, moisture is removed. Without moisture, bacteria growth (the cause of odor and itch) is reduced. Your cast stays fresh!

How does CastCooler® work?

CastCooler® creates a gentle vacuum on the outside of your cast, bringing fresh air between your skin and the cast. Air flow is directed through the lining of your breathable orthopedic cast removing moisture and cooling your skin. Without touching your skin, bacteria, itch and odor are significantly reduced. Your cast stays fresh.

Do I need a special vacuum?

The CastCooler® works with a common household vacuum and hose attachment (not supplied).

Will the CastCooler® work with my cast?

The CastCooler® works with all breathable orthopedic cast material (fiberglass, sorry not plaster..but less than 5% of casts are you probably have a fiberglass cast) no matter size or limb, one size fits all! Use the CastCooler® as often as you like, it cannot be overused. Whenever your cast is moist, hot or stinky...use it.

What makes my cast itch and smell?

Your cast itches and has a foul odor because of the bacteria which is growing in the continually-moist lining beneath your cast. This moisture is most commonly due to perspiration trapped in the cast lining but may also result from bathing or normal outdoor activities. The CastCooler® will dry a cast which becomes wet from bathing, damp from perspiration or humidity, an encounter with the lawn sprinkler or other summertime activities.

Stay in the Game!

Broken limb have you on the sidelines? The CastCooler® allows you to continue working out with the team while keeping your cast fresh and dry. Use the CastCooler® to keep your cast fresh and odor free.

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