Founder Annette d. Giacomazzi's Quote Lands on Title of Tamara Monosoff's New Book

19th Jun 2013

 hhiyp-book-cover-full.jpgNYTimes best-selling author, award winning inventor, and founder and CEO of MomInvented, a nationally distributed consumer products brand, Tamara Monosoff, along with Brad Kofoed, has published a new book, "How Hot is Your Product?," which is destined to become another best-seller.  "How Hot is Your Product (HHIYP) will become a seminole classic," says Annette d. Giacomazzi, CastCoverz! Founder and CEO.   She continued, "To make a good decision you need good information.  But, how and where do you get that information?  What questions do you ask? HHIYP guides you through a 10 step process to determine whether your product idea is viable or not.    Read this book, be honest with the answers, and the outcome will be crystal clear; to continue with your idea or give your idea a going away party."  In addition to the book, there is a workbook and a plethora of online training videos to supplement the workbook and the book.  You can find out more about Tamara's amazing product viability system at  

As a former mentee of Ms. Monosoff, CCZ! Founder, Annette d. Giacomazzi, was honored to earn a special place in Tamara's new book, actually, the quote on the front cover.  Giacomazzi was quoted, "Before you cash-in your 401K or sell the family farm, read this book!  By far, the best book on researching and testing a product for viability I have read.  The simple, jargon-less style, and action steps make it easy to connect the dots."  For more of Annette's review, please read her review about Ms. Monosoff and Mr. Kofoed's new book, "How Hot is Your Product?" at