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Two years in the making, one year in the testing, BootGuardzXtreme! protects your orthopedic walking boot, boot liner, and toes from EXTREME wind, rain and snow with our made-in-the-USA weather resistant material.

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Product Details and Sizing

For extreme weather conditions like blinding snow, pelting rain and frigid wind, you need BootGuardzXtreme!

Two years in the making, one year in the testing, BootGuardzXtreme! protects your boot, boot liner and toes from extreme wind, rain and snow. Engineered to stretch around side edge of boot to keep rain and snow out and designed with an open bottom exposing the tread for safety.

Back opening with velcro closure (no frozen zippers!) and top drawstring closure, allows ease of entry. If desired, optional velcro fasteners are always included to secure BootGuardzXtreme! to the side edges of your orthopedic walking boot. If you live in sub-zero climates or facing a single-digit windchill, be sure to select the optional sewn-in toasty liner. Our optional sherpa liner lines the front panel only. This reduces the bulk and covers only the most vulnerable areas, your toes, front of your leg and the boot liner.

This product works best in an upright position, e.g. walking, standing, sitting. Huh? :) Most of our covers for orthopedic boot products don't perform well with active young children! That's because little ones often sit on the ground to play in the snow, rain and sand, and move their legs back and forth. This results in excessive wear and tear (beyond the scope of the product) and is often not properly secured (edge of the boot vs. having it drop over the edges and walking on the product). That being said, of my two children, one could have been compliant and the other one, no way! :) Do not hesitate to contact our office if you have more questions.

Fits most high and low orthotic walking boots such as DonJoy™, Aircast®, Össur®, Darco®, DeRoyal®, etc. Please check sizing chart for accuracy before ordering. If you have a cast and need weatherproof protection, you'll need Slickerz! If you're looking for some fashionable weather protection (lighter weight/different design weather proof protection), please check out our standard BootGuardz! here.

Orthotic walking boot NOT included. Not a waterproof product or for immersion in water.

Hand wash cold water. Drip dry. Latex-free.

For a limited time, get 2 FREE Booties with every BootGuardz! Xtreme purchase! The bootie protects your floors from winter grime, slush and mud. Reusable and disposable. Sorry, but bootie does not fit XL orthopedic walking boots.


Sizing is based on 3 factors:

  1. The size of the boot you are wearing: XS, S, M, L (nothing to do with shoe size). Pediatric and XL boots are not in-stock items. Please call CastCoverz! for assistance at 1(800)CASTCOVER (1-800-227-8268).
  2. Whether the boot is Low Top (13" or lower height of the back of the boot to the floor) or High Top (14" or higher).
  3. The circumference around the widest part of your boot (typically, the top strap around your boot with your leg in it - include air pump, brackets, etc., if applicable).

Please check your boot label for size (back of heel, sole of boot, sewn-in tag, or on the bag the boot was dispensed with). If tag has been removed, please call CastCoverz! for help and tricks to determine the boot size at 1(800)CASTCOVER (1-800-227-8268).

We're sorry, but custom products cannot be returned or exchanged.

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