Top 5 Cast Care Tips

9th Aug 2013

Having a broken bone and wearing a cast is just NO fun, but if you treat your cast well, it will treat you well, which means a speedier recovery!

Here are our Top 5 Cast Care Tips: 

  1. Keep it dry - Try DryPro or CastShield waterproof cast covers
  2. Never place anything inside your cast
  3. Wiggle toes or fingers to improve circulation
  4. Call your doctor immediately if you experience any increase in pain, redness, or swelling
  5. To prevent scratching, snagging, and to keep your cast clean and dry, cover it with CastCoverZ! products
For other helpful cast care links, click HERE!  

We know your pain, frustration, and inconvenience.  CastCoverZ! provides fun, functional, and waterproof products that comfort orthopedic patients.