Summertime Broken Bone Advice

27th Jun 2013

In our most recent press release, Cast Covers Expert Gives Summertime Broken Bone Advice, owner & founder of CastCoverZ!, Annette Giacomazzi, has plenty of helpful advice for parents searching for ways to keep their children break-free, and if wearing a cast, still active and having fun this summer!  Tips such as pay attention, play safe, and keep hydrated are just a few of Annette's helpful tips.  Read more HERE.

Summer vacation includes many activities centered on the beach or in a swimming pool.  If dealing with a cast this summer, no worries, DryPro waterproof cast protector will help save the summer!  DryPro offers watertight protection, keeping casts (or bandages) completely DRY!

Staying break-free is ideal, of course, but if an accident happens, CastCoverZ! has the doctor-approved, patient-requested solutions for summertime broken bones for children and adults alike.  You can find our functional and fashionable orthopedic soft-good products, that help one stay active with a cast here: CastCoverZ! online store.  Have a great summer!