Waterproof Cast Protection with DryPro

Waterproof Cast Protection with DryPro

Posted by Kristine Champion on 19th Jun 2014

Going swimming or to the beach or lake while wearing a cast, splint, or bandage that cannot get wet?  DryPro waterproof cast protector offers watertight protection with it's vacuum seal.  In fact, they are the only cast cover in the world with a patented vacuum seal to keep you dry.

Go ahead and enjoy the water this summer with DryPro!  Dive off the diving board and ride the ocean waves knowing your cast will come out completely dry.

*Note:  DryPro can also be used for bathing, PICC lines, and hydrotherapy and is available at CastCoverz!  CastCoverz! also provides a wide variety of comfort and care products including fabric cast, brace, splint, walking boot, crutch covers and so much more!