Halloween Safety Tips While On Crutches

1st Oct 2013


Halloween is a FUN holiday, but not if you're on crutches!  Halloween on crutches can be downright dangerous.  In order to make it through the day on one leg, follow these Halloween safety tips:

  1. Acquire proper lighting - bring a bright flashlight while trick-or-treating
  2. Keep rest at the top of your list - choose one favorite event and save your energy for it
  3. Think about costume safety - no dangling items or masks will ensure a safer holiday
  4. Consider event alternatives - you might have to make some sacrifices this year for your health
  5. Look into alternatives to crutches - if you don't feel completely stable on your crutches, there are other alternatives like Goodbye Crutches

You might have to make some adjustments to your holiday this year, but if you can stay safe and keep your recovery on track, it will be well worth it!