CastCoverz! Mittz! Cozy - Bow Wow

Engineered with your comfort in mind, Mittz! Cozy keeps your fingers warm while in a cast, brace, or splint. Pair with our Mittz! Dry for superior protection from wet weather (rain, snow) and biting wind conditions.

Price may vary based on size and options selected



Product Details and Sizing

Mittz! Cozy protects your cast, brace, hand and fingers from wind, rain and snow.

Engiineered with your comfort in mind, Mittz! Cozy keeps your fingers warm and your cast, splint or brace protected.  For biting wind and wet weather (rain and snow) pair with Mittz! Dry. Mittz! Cozy are made from the same super soft fleece fabrics that our Sleeperz! for Arms products are made from.  The stretchy cuff keeps the elements out while providing for easy on/off.

Hand Wash, Cool Water, Line Dry.


Measure circumference around forearm above cast.

 Match Forearm circumference with the size below
Small 8" (Length of Mittz! tip to tip 11")
Medium 8.5 - 10.5" (Length of Mittz! tip to tip 12.5")
Large 11" - 13" (Length of Mittz! tip to tip 13")

If your thumb is casted (at a "V" or an "L" position to hand) and cannot fold into palm, you need to select the Side Velcro closure option. If your measurements fall outside this range, you may need a custom fit. Please contact our Customer Happiness Gurus at 1(800)CASTCOVER (1-800-227-8268) for more information.

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