CastCoverz! Handz!

Can't move your thumb due to a cast, brace or bandaging? Do you want to prevent scratching, snagging, and keep it clean? Then Handz! cast covers is for you! Choose from 100+ fabric options. If your thumb is free to move, please see Armz!

Price may vary based on size and options selected



Product Details and Sizing

Fashion splint, cast or brace hand covers!

Do you have carpal tunnel syndrome, tendon pain, repetitive motion syndrome or any other number of wrist and hand conditions that require wearing a hand brace or hand splint? Do you have a brace, splint, or cast with a thumb spica (thumb in a cast or brace)? You can wear your personality and keep your brace or splint clean with CastCoverz! Handz! Handz! is not only a fun fashion statement, but it eliminates the snagging of clothes, the scratching of desks or tables, and makes dressing over Velcro straps easier.

Handz! covers your thumb and is shorter than our Armz! product. If your thumb is free (not immobilized by a cast or brace) or you need a longer cover, we suggest you check out our Armz! products. Handz! are a bit narrower, shorter and have the thumb spica covered, too!

Not only do Handz! make a perfect covering for your brace, splint or cast, but they can also be used as an under sleeve for braces eliminating the smell and chafing that can occur.

Hand wash cold water. Drip dry. Latex-free.


Slightly narrower than Armz! that includes a thumb spica (thumb in cast/brace). For proper sizing, please measure wrist circumference (around the wrist) with splint/brace/cast on.

Small 6 1/2" - 7" wrist circumference (8" in length from brace/cast tip to tip)
Medium 7 1/2" - 8 1/2" wrist circumference (9" in length from brace/cast tip to tip)
Large 9" - 10 1/2" wrist circumference (10" in length from brace/cast tip to tip)

If you can't find a size that works for you, a custom Handz! is what you need. Please contact CastCoverz! by calling 1(800)CASTCOVER (1-800-227-8268) or email us at to discuss custom or other product options.

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