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Dog Days of Summer Don't Have to Cast a Negative Spell
on Cast Wearers Thanks to CastCoverZ!

Wearing a cast in hot summer months does not have to cast a dog-daze on fun water activities.  CastCoverZ!, a leader in fun and functional cast products, shares ways to combat itch,  smell and heat - - even in dog days of summer.

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HOLLISTER, CA (July 2011) – The dog days of summer don't have to get cast wearers down or make personal heat indexes high.  There is still time left to enjoy summer – even with a cast.  Common summer cast-wearer complaints include being itchy, smelly and overly hot.  The leader in cast products, CastCoverZ!, help broken bone sufferers of all ages feel better and heal better while enabling them to enjoy summer-related activities like getting into the pool, going to the beach, or playing at water parks.  CastCoverZ! founder, Annette Giacomazzi, personally selected top summer supporting cast products to sell on like DryPro™ and CastShield™ waterproof cast protectors and CastCooler® to help make summer healing more of a breeze.

"I can't tell you how rewarding it is to heal a cast wearer – young or grown – get through summer more comfortably," says Giacomazzi.  "With everyone talking about keeping their heat indexes in check, I was inspired to shop far and wide to find waterproof cast protectors and cast cooler products so people can shower with confidence, run through a sprinkler, splash in an inflatable pool, or have water fights.  Summer shouldn't stop because you are in a cast!"

CastCoverZ! sells DryPro Waterproof Cast Protectors, the only leg and arm protection with a patented vacuum seal to keep cast wearers dry.  It is so completely waterproof, that you can even dive off a diving board or ride the ocean waves and still have your cast or bandage stay completely dry.  "The DryPro protector is my first recommendation for our casted customers who are in active aquatics.  The DryPro's tight seal offers superior protection.  It cannot come off.  You can't even pull it off!" says Giacomazzi.  Products are available for arms and legs and come in a variety of sizes.

CastShield is an easy-to-use waterproof protector for arm and leg casts.  Giacomazzi advises parents and adults to "Trash the garbage bags and duct tape" and get CastShield waterproof cast covers – the perfect waterproof cover for showering and bathing.  You can run in and out of the sprinklers, have water fights and splash around in backyard backyard inflatable pools.  "It's so easy to put on, even someone with an arm cast can apply it."  With careful use and removal, it is also reusable.

Complementing the waterproof products is the CastCooler product.  The CastCooler is a breakthrough in cast care.  It cools your cast, reduces odor and itch, and freshens and speed dries your cast.  "The CastCooler offers our casted customers unparalleled comfort," says Giacomazzi.  "No matter how careful you are about keeping your cast dry, accidents happen and more importantly, we perspire 24/7.  All casts get a wretched stench and they itch.  The CastCooler eliminates those problems.  In my opinion, everyone with a cast needs a CastCooler."

In summertime, the living should be easy – even with a cast.  A little bit of cast coverage and cooling can make a big difference in feeling and healing better.  Enjoy those dog days of summer and cast a new spell on summer cast wearing by visiting


About CastCoverZ!

CastCoverZ!™ offers functional and fashionable products designed to cover casts, orthotic walking boots, splints, and braces, as well as offer companion products that make a patient's life simple and bring relief, comfort and fun.  CastShield™ lets you shower with confidence and dignity, CastCooler® gives the immediate relief from the itch and stench from wearing a cast, DryPro™ lets you get back in the pool or go to the beach.  CastCoverZ! has been featured in Parenting Magazine,, Mom Invented, Orthopedic This Week, Lower Extremity Review, KidzWorld, Newsday, and many more.  CastCoverZ! products are currently available at select orthopedic surgeon offices or at  CastCoverZ! ships worldwide.