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CastCoverZ! Helps Ease The Pain of Crutches by Adding
New Fashionable and Functional Crutches and Crutch Accessories

The world leader in cast cover fashion, waterproof cast protectors and other fun and  functional
 products for orthopedic patients adds new practical and colorful crutch/crutch wear accessory line.

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HOLLISTER, CA (July 2011) – No one wants to be on crutches.  Dealing with a broken bone or sprain is bad enough – having to wear an ugly, cumbersome cast, boot, splint or brace adds insult to injury.  Cast cover leader, CastCoverZ!™, partnered with LemonAid Crutches™ to provide the most comfortable beautiful, and expressive CrutchWear® and designer crutches on the market.  CastCoverZ! announced their exclusive agreement to sell LemonAid Crutches and CrutchWear, making CastCoverZ! the world's largest specialty retailer of cast cover fashion, waterproof cast protectors and other fun and functional products for orthopedic patients.

Annette d. Giacomazzi, Founder and Owner of CastCoverZ! made sure the new fashion crutches, fashion crutch covers and crutch product accessories passed her careful CastCoverZ! selection criteria.  "We all know the frustration on how even the simplest of tasks becomes unmanageable while on crutches," said Giacomazzi.  LemonAid Crutches provides incredibly comfortable, beautiful and expressive CrutchWear on the market...but it wouldn't have passed the CastCoverZ! test without being practical, too!"

The aluminum powder-coated crutches come in vibrant colors like Candy Apple Red, Purple Punch, Bubblegum Pink, Khaki Green and Midnight Black, to name a few.  Crutches are available in three sizes.  Colorful crutch pad and hand grip covers come fully padded for extra comfort and are constructed using industrial strength snaps or easy on and off Velcro® closures.  Giacomazzi commented, "We are particularly excited about adding the Crutch Bag.  It is the necessary accessory for anyone on crutches.  One large pocket holds your wallet, a water bottle, glasses or other toteables.  An additional pocket is smaller to hold keys, pen, and a phone."

Laurie Johnson, Founder of LemonAid Crutches and CrutchWear, shared, "We are thrilled to be partnering with CastCoverZ!  In two short years, they have become a world leader in offering innovative and convenient products for orthopedic patients.  They are meeting a desperate need in a refreshing, upbeat manner."  In response to Johnson's remarks Giacomazzi added, "Laurie and I share the same desire to meet our customer's needs.  Adding LemonAid Crutches and accessories adds tremendous convenience and product variety for our customers."  See the new fun and functional crutch and crutch accessories lines at and the designer crutches at


About CastCoverZ!

CastCoverZ!™ offers functional and fashionable products designed to cover casts, orthotic walking boots, splints, and braces, as well as offer companion products that make a patient's life simple and bring relief, comfort and fun.  CastShield™ lets you shower with confidence and dignity, CastCooler® gives the immediate relief from the itch and stench of/from wearing a cast, DryPro™ lets you get back in the pool or go to the beach, and LemonAid® offers vibrant crutch colors and a real world practical crutch accessory line.  CastCoverZ! has been featured in Parenting Magazine,, Mom Invented, Orthopedic This Week, Lower Extremity Review, KidzWorld, Newsday, and many more.  CastCoverZ! products are currently available at select orthopedic surgeon offices or at  CastCoverZ! ships worldwide and is represented in Benelux by Lomed.