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Cast Covers Manufacturer Celebrates 4 Years of Success

CastCoverZ! CEO, Annette Giacomazzi overcame adversity to celebrate 4 years of success with her company, CastCoverZ!, the leading global cast covers and orthopedic soft-goods company.

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SAN JOSE, CA (November 2013) – Every business owner believes their business is unique. There are different variables for different industries. Different methods of distribution, different marketing approaches, even different accounting practices. But one thing all business owners agree on is they want their customers to come back. Except for Annette Giacomazzi, CEO of CastCoverZ!™. Giacomazzi said, “A returning customer means they or someone they love is injured, again. Of course, that is upsetting news. That’s why I always tell my customers that we are the only company in America that doesn’t want their customers to come back. But, we’re here for them if they need us.”

CastCoverZ! manufactures covers for casts, braces, splints, and orthopedic walking boots. They also have designer slings, CrutchWear®, and chic colored crutches. Rounding out their product offering are four additional comfort products. CastCoverZ!’s “Aha!” moment came when Giacomazzi’s then 10-year-old daughter broke her 6th bone. Because Giacomazzi’s cooking isn’t a comfort, she pulled out her trusty sewing machine, and voila! lackluster, uncomfortable orthopedic products didn’t stand a chance. Eighteen branded products, the purchase of a supplier, four distributed lines, and four fabulous employees later, CastCoverZ! is the quintessential family business success story. Giacomazzi added, “My daughter was the inspiration, my son named it, and my husband financed it. They have all worked in it, too!”

Even though CastCoverZ! is officially celebrating their 4th prosperous year in business, all was not rosy. A failed business partnership, flawed initial manufactured goods and a diagnosis of a very rare breast cancer riddled 2009, the business’ crucial first year. Annette Giacomazzi added, “Most people would have thrown in the towel.” While recovering from cancer treatments, Giacomazzi allowed the business to run passively, “I didn’t kick it into high gear until after recovery which was the fall of 2010. In essence, we are really celebrating our 3rd (intentional) year in business and we haven’t looked back.”

Part of CastCoverZ! success is due to Giacomazzi recognizing her unique business model. 92% of CastCoverZ! customers are first-time, one-time customers. Giacomazzi quips that there are few businesses with the same business model, “Funeral homes and bail bonds are the only two that come to mind.” Giacomazzi added, “We have one shot to do well by the customer. We must have innovative products, one-stop-shop convenience, superior manufacturing, and our service must be memorable. I can’t count on one of the universal principles of business, customer retention, to grow the business. In CastCoverZ! lingo, returning customers are fondly called encore customers. “Our team calls them the ‘eight-percenters’,” Giacomazzi revealed. “But, if a neighbor, a friend, or a colleague gets injured or is preparing for surgery, CastCoverZ! needs to be top-of-mind and tip-of-tongue,” Giacomazzi finished.

To celebrate their 4th year, CastCoverZ! introduced a limited-edition new line of children’s cast covers, CastCritterz!. These playful animal inspired cast covers make their youngest customers feel better, so they heal better.

For more information on the CastCoverZ! selection of branded cast covers and orthopedic accessories, which are Made in the USA, and are available for young and old, male and female, visit CastCoverZ! online at

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CastCoverZ!™ is the leading global manufacturer, e-tailer and innovator of orthopedic soft goods (brace, splint, boot, and cast covers), patient-requested orthopedic gear and orthopedic accessories (crutches, CrutchWear®, EvenUp, waterproof products). CastCoverZ! has been featured in Yahoo!, Good Day Sacramento, Entrepreneur, Parenting Magazine,, Huffington Post, Womenetics, NYTimes, Orthopedic This Week, and Newsday.  CastCoverZ! products ship world-wide and are available for purchase at select orthopedic clinics and at