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CastCoverZ! Introduces Stylish New Weatherproof Covers to Protect Leg Casts

Wearing a cast in the weather just got better thanks to a new fashion-friendly weatherproof slip-on cover for leg casts and bandages.

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HOLLISTER, CA (January 2012) – Wearing a cast is bad enough. Wearing one in wet weather can make a cast wearer feel really under the weather. Coming to the rescue, CastCoverZ!, the world leader in cast covers, introduces Slickerz!, a functional and stylish, pull-on weatherproof cover for your leg casts and/or bandages.

"There is nothing worse than trying to catch a bus, hail a taxi or trudge out to your car in rainy, slushy or snowy conditions - except if you're in a cast and crutches. Your toes are exposed and you are under explicit instructions not to get your cast wet. We are very excited to offer this innovative made-in-the-USA waterproof fabric for our new weatherproof cast covers for our customers in inclement weather." said Annette d. Giacomazzi, Founder and Owner of CastCoverZ!™.

Giacomazzi continued, "Dealing with the pain of an injury or condition is very challenging. Adding insult to injury, are the other unintended consequences of wearing an open-toed cast and getting your toes wet and dirty, potentially compromising the integrity of your cast, trying to avoid puddles while maneuvering crutches, the list goes on and it's exhausting! Wearing Slickerz! will prevent the worry of most of those events from happening and will make your injury easier to bear." Slickerz! cast covers provide a protective and fashionable barrier for most leg casts and even bandages.

Wendy deHoyos of Provo, UT relayed her story, "My son wanted to attend a weekend youth meeting that required a lot of walking to and from multiple buildings. Originally, we told him he couldn't go because the risk of getting his cast wet and toes filthy was too great. Slickerz! saved the trip! He attended, his toes stayed clean, and even with a rainfall, kept his cast from getting soaked. Slickerz! opened up his options. Personally, I think he liked wearing the camo!"

Giacomazzi added with a smile, "Owen is a great example of how a simple product can add so much value, even while inconvenienced with a cast and crutches." Dr. Scott Hoffinger, Director of Pediatric Orthopedics for Oakland Children's Hospital said, "Slickerz! are fun products that also serve a great functional purpose. The #1 piece of advice doctors tell their cast patients is 'don't get your cast wet.' Any product that solves a problem and increases a patient's compliance is newsworthy."

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About CastCoverZ!

CastCoverZ!™ offers functional and fashionable products designed to cover casts, orthotic walking boots, splints, braces, and  companion products to bring relief and comfort to orthopedic patients.  Their flagship product is a stretchy and washable cast covering fabric sleeve in a range of designs that easily slip over casts and braces of multiple shapes and sizes. Necessity is the mother of invention; created originally to comfort the 10 year old daughter of the founder, who has broken 8 bones, CastCoverZ! is now international, carrying 10 product lines and distributing 4 additional lines. CastCoverZ! has been featured in Parenting Magazine,, Mom Invented, Orthopedic This Week, Lower Extremity Review, KidzWorld, Newsday, and many more.  CastCoverZ! products are currently available at select orthopedic surgeon offices, pharmacies, or direct at CastCoverZ! ships worldwide.