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Carry all of your important items even while using forearm crutches! Our Forearm CrutchWear allows you to carry keys, a water bottle, cell phone, etc. with style!

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Fashion Forearm Crutch Bags!

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Forearm crutches can be thought of as a walking cane with a cuff that fits slightly below your elbow and a handle. This type is usually made of a lightweight aluminum or similar metal and are also know as Canadian crutches, and Lofstrand crutches.

For standard crutch accessories, visit our CrutchWear Standard Crutch Accessories page.

Regardless of the type of crutch, no one wants to be on crutches. They hurt your hands, your arms, and they certainly hurt your sense of style; and, we all know the frustration of how even the simplest of tasks (carrying keys, a water bottle, cell phone, etc) becomes unmanageable while on crutches. That's why CastCoverz! brings you the most comfortable, beautiful, expressive, and practical CrutchWear® on the market.

We're pleased to offer CrutchWear® for forearm crutches. A versatile bag that simply hangs from the handle, but with the added benefit of our tubular design that anchors the bag to your crutch so that it stays in place. Crutch Bag measurements: 7 3/4" tall, 7 1/2" wide (top) 6" wide (bottom), and 7" diameter (opened wide.)

All of our CrutchWear® products are made with superior construction and premium fabrics for the ultimate in style and durability. Depending on style, CrutchWear® is made from 100% cotton, 100% poly fleece, 100% leather, or 100% silk.

Care Instructions: All fabrics (excluding silk): Hand spot clean, cold water, line dry.

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